Post 19 — LIFE HACKS: The Hissy-Fit Tool Box

When my son was still very small we made what we called a HISSY-FIT TOOL BOX. We chose a hinged, aluminum box from among his playthings, and then sat down together and filled it with about 20 slips of paper upon which we wrote the methods that we thought might calm him down in a rage. The contents have changed over time, but the box has been very useful, not only for the ideas it held, and holds, in a moment of crisis, but for the self-awareness and discussion it has provoked between us.

The slips of paper would be very individual to meet a child’s needs. Today, playing one of his instruments is a method of calming; years ago we didn’t have that alternative. When he was younger I made him smash a bed with his fists; and that’s unnecessary today. Also, he now has karate ‘katas’ to perform in an overcharged moment; we didn’t have that when he was four. Might this work for you? What methods might be appropriate and ‘doable’ for your child?



3 thoughts on “Post 19 — LIFE HACKS: The Hissy-Fit Tool Box

    1. Liz Sydney Post author

      Hi AGWADHD, I think YOU’RE fabulous for taking the reins of your issues in a positive and empowering way at such a young age. So many kids feel victimized by their issues and leave control to the adults. Great job! I have sons so I never get to say this, “You go girl!” 🙂

      1. agirlwithadhd

        Thank you so much for your kind words! I agree I think the earlier you accept and decide to take control the better! Thank you so much and keep up your awesome writing!

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